Debeko Group is Your Trusted Partner for Government Services

Our commitment and work ethic ensure effective solutions for any challenge. Count on us for affordable, transparent, and trustworthy government services tailored to propel your entities’ unique needs.

Management Support

Boost your government agency's performance with our specialized Management Consulting. Tailored for the public sector, we streamline operations, optimize processes, and drive innovation for enhanced efficiency.

Facility Support

Enhance your government agency's efficiency with our Facility Support services. From maintenance to logistics, we offer diverse and streamlined solutions for seamless facility management. Partner with us to enhance your operations and ensure optimal support for government services."

Administrative Support

Optimize your government agency's workflow with our Administrative Support services. We specialize in providing efficient solutions to streamline administrative processes, ensuring your agency operates smoothly. From documentation management to clerical support, our services are tailored to enhance the efficiency of your administrative tasks.

Construction Service

Debeko Group stands as your trusted provider of premier services tailored for the construction industryg. Count on us for cost-effective, transparent, and reliable solutions—the pillars of our commitment to the construction sector. Our offerings prioritize affordability, transparency, and trust, embodying the core values that define our approach.


With Debeko Group, you're not just getting a service – you're getting a partner committed to delivering successful and sustainable outcomes for your remediation endeavors.

Accomodation Support

Your gateway to exceptional accommodation experiences. Our commitment is to redefine your stay, making it more than just a stopover—it's an immersive escape.Whether you're traveling for business or leisure, our accommodations cater to your needs, ensuring a seamless blend of luxury and warmth.

Transport Service

Whether you're looking for efficient cargo logistics or reliable passenger transport, including cutting-edge trucks, is ready to cater to your every need. From swift commuting to the transportation of valuable goods, our services prioritize safety, punctuality, and overall satisfaction.

Food Service

Discover unparalleled comfort and delectable delights at Debeko Group, your haven for accommodation and culinary excellence. Immerse yourself in an experience where our commitment to hospitality goes beyond service—it's a personal endeavor.

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